The basis for The Trop Stop’s business model is a foundation of respect and transparency with our growers. This is how we’ve built and expanded our relationships over many years of successful seasons as partners. While many importers consider growers and their products as part of their company’s business plan, The Trop Stop takes the opposite approach. Instead, our mission is to explore and establish solutions to further our grower’s strategic growth plans. This difference in philosophy, along with strong communication and returns, has served us well over the years.


  • Do business with retailers, foodservice companies, processors and wholesalers across the country maximizing distribution networks for our growers product

  • Understand each grower’s needs and satisfy them to the highest level, all while maximizing returns back to farm

  • Are a lean and efficient operation that allows us to make decisions and execute them quickly

  • Are nimble enough to customize our market approach to our grower’s needs

  • Are always on the look-out for new grower relationships with a long-term vision for success